A Day for Listening To The Echoes

So the day we were waiting for was finally here. We were to go to Echoes: a very famous restaurant situated in Koramangala, Bengaluru, known for it's excellent food, fine ambience and the most courteous and heartwarming service by the aurally impaired (deaf) staff . The purpose of our visit was beyond having some mouthwatering food and spending away our leisure time with our friends. It was to interact and more, to listen to those staff members whose honest smiles could charm us in the most unique ways.

We reached and were graciously welcomed by the staff. We summoned them using sign language. We could see the look of astonishment on their faces. They looked a bit amazed but positive. Soon, we felt some buzz about us amongst the others waiters.

It soon struck me, how much of conscious and subconscious ignorance do they face from the hearing community. With a small gesture like this, we had already built a trustworthy bond with them. Well, all humans need are doses of love and little attention. While talking to them, I soon realised, they are very innocent and pure. It felt that they believe in speaking out loud, the harsh realities of their lives and at the same time, have a large amount of patience. In a meeting of such a short duration like this, rarely had I felt so much of positivity and acceptance. It felt, somehow, that they would never give up on us.

We clicked photos and the happiness on their faces was evident. This visit was not just another project on social work; this visit had a soul of itself. Every time I think of it, it reminds of their smiles, no ill-feelings, no prejudice; pure. Truly. The bliss of putting smiles onto someone’s face is something special. This was one such emotion.

On some chaotic nights, these thoughts are my saviours. I wonder, only if, all of us were so honest with each other, with the same intensity and without insecurities, the world would have been so better a place. Only if, people were this simple and sorted, only if, all people craved for was love and a little care. Only if, they valued what they got, only if, they respected their loved ones. Only if, they were this real, life would have been so much better.

Those nights I wonder, how beautiful it would have been if we learnt all this from the deaf culture. Some experiences change your perspective. This experience changed my way of living, my way of thinking.

So, let’s laugh a little more, value a little more, understand a little more and remain simple and grounded, a little more.

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